Is Future House Music the owner & legitimate rights holder of all content shared on our YouTube channel?

No, we have written permission from all rights holders to use their content on our YouTube channel. But we do have our own label releases that we own for the full 100%. These uploads can be found here!

Can I use Future House Music label releases in my YouTube videos?

Yes, you’re allowed to use Future House Music tracks in your YouTube videos, but please be aware that your videos with will be claimed by us.

My YouTube video received a copyright claim from Future House Music, why is that?

We work hard to provide all of our artists’ rightfully owed royalties. On YouTube these royalties are collected through content ID and this way the artist gets paid for his/her productions.

Does Future House Music offer whitelisting so I can monetize my own videos?

When the YouTube creator is of influential size, has considerable views and/or followers, and is of good standing, we offer whitelisting through a partnership. Here we would offer our catalogue in order for it to be used online in return for significant exposure. If you think you’re qualified for a partnership, please reach out to us through our contact page.

DJs & Producers

Where can I find the demodrop?

The demodrop can be found here. Please note it might take some time before you will get a reply. Good luck!

Where can I download free content?

Yes, you can download all of our label releases 8 weeks after the initial release date, including mashups, wallpaper packs & more! Sign up here and you will have access to all of our current and future content!


Where can I send over feedback?

We’d love to hear any feedback you have, please reach out to us through our contact page with as much detailed information as possible.